About Us

Our experience and knowledge of the health care system led to the formation of Patient Advocacy Matters. We are passionate about partnering with our clients and helping them to find their voice as they face an increasingly complex health care system.

Hallie Johannisson, LCSW

Hallie was raised in a small town in Northeast Ohio and attended the University of Toledo where she received her Bachelor's degree in Social Work in 1993. She received her Master's Degree in Social Work from Colorado State University in 2004 and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) through the State of Colorado with a strong desire to advocate, educate and support those in need. Hallie has practiced as a medical social worker for over 15 years and has integrated her experiences with hospice, community health centers and pediatric and adult medical centers to recognize the challenges people face in navigating the health care system. In her spare time, Hallie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, backpacking, hiking, skiing and walking her dogs.

Meridith Jaffe, LCSW

Meridith grew up in New York with a passion for social justice and a drive to help those in need. Meridith is an LCSW with over 18 years of experience in the field, 12 years of which have been spent as a medical social worker. Meridith's goals when working with clients are to provide support and education with the mission to empower people to take control of their goals and happiness. Meridith's experience as a medical social worker- a liaison between medical professionals and patients/families, has given her the insight to know that a helping hand during a time of great anxiety and confusion can provide immense comfort and help people make more clear decisions about their healthcare needs.

What is a Patient Advocate?

An advocate is defined as someone who speaks on behalf of, supports or empowers another person with regard to a specific cause. Patient advocacy has been around for decades but with the increasing challenges of a complex healthcare system, complicated health insurance plans and ever changing medical technology, advocates have proven to be a benefit to those who experience medical crisis or those who are living with chronic medical needs.

Many struggle to understand their options and find their voice within the medical system. As patient advocates, we want to support you and your loved ones, empowering you to make educated and informed medical decisions.

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