Have additional questions? We want to make the process as clear and helpful as possible.

Are your services covered by insurance?

No- we are private pay. This means that we work for you and are not influenced by an insurance company. Our plan with you will be tailored to your needs and we will make every effort to work within your budget while providing you with quality services.

Can you go to the doctor or hospital with me?

Yes- we are available if you would like us to accompany you to your appointment. Our role during these visits are to provide support, make sure there is clear communication between you and your provider and help advocate for your best interests. We can help ask difficult questions about your care and treatment options and make sure that you understand the answers. If you prefer us not to join you, we are able to help you prepare ahead of time for your doctor's visits to ensure that you feel empowered to walk away with the information you need to make decisions.

Can you make a home visit?

Absolutely. We prefer to meet you in your home. As someone with complex medical needs we understand that you spend a lot of time travelling to medical appointments. We want to make things easy for you.

What do you charge?

Call us to discuss- we will tailor our services to your needs and make a plan that provides value and affordability.

Why should I pay for your services?

Working with a patient advocate can actually help lower your medical costs by making your care more efficient and teaching you how to be a smarter health consumer.

Who needs a health advocate?

If you or a loved one are faced with chronic medical issues, are in a medical crisis or you are feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the healthcare system- call us! You would benefit from our help.

What are your credentials and education?

We are both Licensed Clinical Social Workers who have completed a Master's level program in Social Work. We have both spent the majority of our careers in the medical field and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our work with you.